Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And Then.

I stretch out my hand and take up my pen
I search my heart and soul, and then
I touch my pad and begin to write
I struggle with my thoughts, both day and night
I strive to find that voice within
The one that guides my life, and then
I think of light born and shadows falling
To create a world of words, a poet's calling
To express with form, make the real transcend
Bring still things to life, tell tales, and then
With a stroke of my brush across an empty plane
I offer up my life, my joy, my pain
Share the eagle's flight upon the wind
Sing the mournful song of whales, and then
Speak of bird and bee, of hawk and dove
Speak of birth and death, of truth and love
Of God and man, of stars that spin
Of angel's eyes, of grace and sin
To give to all my now, my when
In hope you'll feel my gift, and then

The Road

Sometimes I wonder if I'm where I'm supposed to be,
or if I'm who I'm supposed to be...
I wonder what this life has in store for me.

Sometimes I feel sure of what I want and where I'm to go,
Other times I feel lost and try not to let it show.

I live my life from day to day,
and love everything in every single way.

But sometimes at night I lay and stare,
and hope for answers through answered prayers.

Do I go left or should I choose right,
the roads are as dark as a moonless night.

I hesitate not because I am scared,
and not even because I am unprepared.

I sit an ponder which road to choose,
simply because I don't want to loose.

To make the wrong choice would be hardest to bare,
or is that God's intensions...a double dare.

A dare to take the road less traveled,
and risk the road chosen to become unraveled.

Although it may seem like the road is too slick,
doesn't us taking it make it the right road to pick?

So then we must wonder is there a right and wrong path,
or simply 2 different ways for us to do the math.

However we add it, it equals the same,
but the method used to get there is what makes the game.

So although I feel lost from time to time,
I take great comfort in the fact that the choice is all mine.

I can choose to go left, or I can choose to go right,
either way in the end there's a golden light.

So although we may wonder which path to choose,
we must remember in life we have nothing to loose.

Whichever choice we make, A or B, the one we choose is meant to be.

So instead of trying to force life to fit, just let life happen and enjoy it.

It's going to work at its own pace, life is a journey not a race.

So sit back and enjoy this precious gift,
and when the gears need changed don't hesitate to shift!

No Escape

I want to run,
But there's no where to hide.
I want to understand,
But there is no guide.
I want to cry,
But I don't have a single tear,
I want to talk,
But there is no one to hear.
I want to scream
But I have no voice.
I'm trapped in my thoughts,
I have no choice.


I watched the night descending, as feathers float and fall,
Creeping, slowly gently to wrap its velvet shawl.
The daylight shadows shrinking and fading out of sight,
The dusky grey's transforming to blackness of the night.

The silent, eerie blackness dew fervor from my breast,
It told me these cold shadows were on a deathly quest.
I crouched as I reflected, my knees beneath my chin,
This helped to keep the cold and keep me warm within.

A cringing, wretched creature, my arms tucked around my head
A lonely hungry vagrant, I sat in servile dread.
Recalling my past blunders, drink and drugs and sin,
My faults that left me friendless, rejected by my kin.

A worthless human being, when I was still quite young,
How then upon life's ladder I reached the bottom rung?
This life that I have wasted! Why was I put on Earth?
Is this what fate intended – right from the day of my birth?

The darkness got much darker, my eyes, they could not see,
And my thoughts and oneness appeared to part from me.
Teardrops glazed my eyesight. I shivered, smiled then cried.
The knell of death was sounding. It rang, it called, I died.

Night Train

The car is nearly silent as the train rolls gently on;
The sunsets long behind you, and there's hours yet to dawn.

The gentle rock and sway become the rhythm of your mind,
A numbing repetition that will lead you to unwind.

You watch the darkened land go by, silent in the dull
And eerie light that glimmers as the moon is waxing full.

From somewhere in the darkness
Comes the whistle's lonely wail-
The haunting, stirring echo that's the voice of the rail.

The words begin to gather and you take in hand your pen
And smile a little, knowing that it's happening again.

For nothing in creation will compel a soul to write
Like staring out the window of a moving train at night


Tomorrow is the day in which you fulfill all your dreams,
Accomplish and attain that which you have yet seen.

Still, in my heart, for tomorrow true love you shall find,
Your desires will all become real, all in tomorrow's time.

Around the corner of the season, just beyond the bend.
Is the hint of the birth of Spring and the Winters end.

Its is coming soon, the day will be an end to your sorrows,
All shall be well in the promise of everlasting tomorrows.

Tomorrow you shall go out and run around and play,
But that is tomorrow; you don't have enough time today.
You say I don't have the time for that now, but tomorrow I may

So you put it off for later, and convince yourself it will be fine
Your goals will all be taken care of, all in tomorrow's time,

Until you suddenly realize, when the tomorrow has come,
Today has now become yesterday, and you didn't get anything done.

So you put it off again, thinking that the next day there'll be a way
So you never get anything achieved, because tomorrow's now today.